Homemade Batcave!


A comic book superfan created his very own Batcave!

Above almost all else, most nerds are very big on collecting. Be it figures, comic books, games, whatever (sometimes all of the above). And all of us nerds face the question of how to store all this nerdy stuff we collect, and since we don’t just want it collecting dust in an attic or basement, how to best display it. Sculptor Darren Wilson decided to do it in style by remaking one of his bedrooms into his very own Batcave!

Now granted, this isn’t a true recreation of the Batcave, it’s not nearly as big, there’s no Batmobile, etc. Still, anyone walking into this would definitely think it is supposed to represent the Batcave.

"I was doing the room as a computer room initially and it just came to me. People who see it are pretty amazed. We like to be different, but every other room is normal."

And while yes, it still is a computer room, it also doubles as a room to host Wilson’s collection of over $21,000 worth of comic book memorbilia. It didn’t take a lot of money to convert the room, but plenty of time, patience and newspaper. Check out this homemade Batcave in the video below:

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And yes, this was all done for just around $140, so it’s totally something you can do yourself. Assuming you have a spare room and enough cool memorabilia to make it look this awesome. Know of anymore cool ways fan display their nerdy stuff? Send them our way and we’ll feature them on the site!

h/t Robot 6