Marvel Puzzle Quest: Green Goblin Is First 5-Star Villain


When it comes to villainy, the Green Goblin is in a special category all his own. Not only is he one of Spider-Man’s oldest and most persistent foes, he’s also proven to be extremely dangerous even when he’s “just” Norman Osborn. Add it all up and he’s certainly deserving of joining Marvel Puzzle Quest as the latest 5-star character, the first villain to earn that honor.

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Demiurge Studios Game Designer Casey Malone recently filled in on all the details surrounding Green Goblin and why he’s joining the party at this particular time. Malone said it was simply time for a villain to join the 5-star ranks and that it made sense for Osborn to get the nod since other members of the Spider-Man family have been in the game’s spotlight as of late.

The timing is also right because Marvel Puzzle Quest has been immersed heavily in the “Dark Reign” era of Marvel Comics, a storyline in which Osborn was a major player. Make no mistake, though, in the game, he’s back in full Green Goblin mode, with glider, pumpkin bombs and the works.

His toys make their way into his powers as well. His Goblin Glider power is intriguing since it simulates Green Goblin potentially losing control of his favorite mode of transportation for the remainder of the fight. Trick or Treat, his Purple power, uses the Countdown mechanic in an entirely different way to give players a choice at how to best stymie their foes. Last but certainly not least, Green Goblin’s Goblin King can create new Fortified tiles that are hard for opponents to remove.

Be sure to read the whole interview for more on Green Goblin and which heroes or villains complement him best. Osborn is the fifth 5-star character to join Marvel Puzzle Quest after Silver Surfer, Old Man Logan, Spider-Man (Back in Black) and Phoenix Jean Grey, and he’ll be available starting on February 25.

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a free-to-play game that is out now for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.