Affleck Rewrote Batman v Superman Script. In Costume.


Ben Affleck reportedly got VERY into character to rewrite parts of Batman v Superman

Ben Affleck isn’t just a big name actor, he’s literally a triple threat, getting high praise and awards for acting, writing and directing. So it might not be much of surprise that when he came on to play Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman, he did some tinkering with the script. The surprising thing might be what he wore while doing that tinkering…

US Weekly is reporting that Ben Affleck wasn’t too happy with some aspects of the Batman v Superman script, and spent lots of time re-working it. The really unusual thing was, before he actually sat down to re-write, he would put on the batsuit, and then write while wearing it. I guess that is certainly one way to really get into the mindset of your character while you are trying to fix any problems you have with the script.

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Now take these rumors with as just what they are, rumors. Although I wouldn’t be horribly surprised if Ben Affleck did rewrite some aspects of the Batman v Superman script, as a lot can change in a script during the course of filming, with any number of people from the director to the actors to random studio execs having some impact on it. For better or worse, the final product you see in theaters usually barely resembles the original script it is based on for many reasons. Will all those re-writes help make Batman v Superman the film it needs to be? We’ll find out March 25th.