Baron Zemo Invades Marvel Avengers Academy


UPDATE: The first version of this post mentioned that the current level cap for Marvel Avengers Academy is 23, which is no longer the case. We’ve corrected that, and the rest of the original post follows.

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Nick Fury might want to talk to the people in his admissions department at Marvel Avengers Academy. It’s not bad enough that if you play TinyCo’s mobile game for a while, Loki, Enchantress and Taskmaster will be hanging around your campus. As we found out in our continuing playthrough, another man who’s a sworn enemy to Captain America and a longtime torn in the side of the Avengers will arrive as well.

We’re talking about Baron Zemo, not someone who you’d imagine would be palling around with teen versions of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Originally pledged to the competing Hydra school, Zemo is convinced to switch over. Saying any more would spoil some of the surprise for you, but suffice it to say that there are some questions about whether or not he can be trusted. Imagine that!

He’s a premium character, meaning that at least for the time being, the only way you can add him to your Marvel Avengers Academy campus is to spend 995 Infinity Gem Shards. The bright side is that he can be leveled up right away for a relatively small amount of credits. He’s also only available through the end of February, so if you want to grab him, you’ll have to do it soon.

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If you haven’t checked into the mystery unfolding in Marvel Avengers Academy, you can get into it now by downloading the game for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play.