Batman v Superman: Affleck Will Blow Fans Away


The costume designer for Batman v Superman was very impressed with Ben Affleck

In about a month, we will finally see Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman. He plays an older and more experienced Batman than we’ve seen on screen before. When the initial news broke of his casting, there was definitely a lot of fanboy outrage, but clearly by people who hadn’t seen his great track record over the last few years. Most of that has died down now and Ben Affleck looks to be one of the best parts of Batman v Superman.

And Batman v Superman Costume designer Michael Wilkinson backs this up, having nothing but high praise for Affleck:

"I think people are going to be blown away by his Bruce Wayne and his Batman, It just feels right, like he was born to be this character. He’s sexy, he’s smart and seductive, he’s strong and a little intimidating and scary, he’s a real brawler, there’s nothing precious about his Bruce Wayne. He rolls up his sleeves and gets it done.I remember he just kind of looked at himself in the mirror, pretty happy with how he looked. The costume is very intimidating and huge and I think he intimidated himself when he looked in the mirror, so that’s a good sign. Hold onto your socks because they’re about to blown off."

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Honestly even if the movie is bad, I expect most people will be praising Affleck’s performance as Batman as one of the positive aspects of the film. He’s a great actor, and hopefully he will carry an goodwill he’s got to that heavily rumored trilogy of solo Batman movies in the works. Batman v Superman opens March 25th.

h/t Heroic Hollywood