Batman v Superman: Battle Of The Renegades Promotion


Jeep teams with Batman v Superman for the ultimate driving experience!

You think the Batman v Superman gratuitous tie-ins have been enough already? I mean we have General Mills, Doritos and Turkish Airlines of all things promoting the film, but things are just getting started!

Another promotional partner of Batman v Superman is Jeep. And they are making big use of this partnership to promote their Renegade line of cars, with a big promotion they are calling “Battle of The Renegades”.

There still aren’t a lot of details on what exactly is going on with “Battle of The Renegades”, but what you can do is go to the website here, choose your Renegade (one representing Superman, one representing Batman) and complete a series of challenges on the site (that pretty much consist of clicking and dragging things). Winners will be chosen at some point, and then get to drive on actual obstacle course with the help of professional drivers who will show them how to complete the track.

Damian Dally, head of brand management at Jeep UK, is very excited about the Batman v Superman: Battle of The Renegades Promotion:

"To be involved with these two ultimate superheroes, Batman and Superman, is a very exciting moment for Jeep.This partnership not only showcases the Renegade’s off-road capabilities and why it’s such as success in the UK, but also aligns with our brand values of enabling people to go anywhere and do anything."

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Uh, this seems like a lawsuit waiting to happen, though maybe they have more lax laws about this kind of thing over in the U.K. and while some marketing tie-ins can be cool, this partnership with Jeep seems like one of the more obnoxious ones frankly. Batman v Superman opens March 25th.