Jokerfish Plush Is Super Creepy


Jokerfish Plush inspired by Batman The Animated Series episode

Batman The Animated Series is one of the best, most seminal and influential cartoon shows of all time. So popular, they are still making toys and even movies based on or influenced by it twenty years later.

One of the more memorable episodes of that show was arguably The Laughing Fish, where the Joker has given all the fish in Gotham his trademark ghastly grin. It’s not just another one of the Joker’s gruesome gags, he believes that now he deserves a cut of Gotham’s fishing industry now that these “Jokerfish” all bear his likeness. Evening threatening to kill people  over it if it doesn’t happen. He even made a commercial for the Jokerfish with a catchy jingle and everything!

Do those fish look particularly cuddly to you? Well good news, DC has a plush version of them you can pre-order! They are available for $14.95, but won’t ship until late November, so you will have to wait a bit.

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Yeah, there is just no getting around it, this Jokerfish plush just looks super creepy. On top of that, it doesn’t even look like the fish in the episode, so I don’t know why they went with this different design. Sure, it might double as a pillow this way, but if I wanted a plush Jokerfish based on the Batman: The Animated series, I’d want one that looks like the fish from that episode, and this doesn’t. And sure everybody remembers the Jokerfish, but the actual episode isn’t all that great. Even the biggest fans of Batman The Animated Series should probably pass on this plush.