Justice League: Cosmic Clash-Super Best Friends!


In this new clip from Justice League: Cosmic Clash, Batman dresses down the League for goofing off

Justice League: Cosmic Clash comes out on DVD & Blu-Ray this Tuesday, March 1st and should a fun Justice League movie for both parents and kids to enjoy. In it, the Justice League takes on Brainiac. But even as legendary superheroes, the Justice League isn’t above goofing off and having a little fun.

Except Batman. And that’s what this latest clip from Justice League: Cosmic Clash is all about. Batman is lecturing the other members of the League for not being as vigilant as they should be. But it also seems like Batman might also be a tad resentful of being left out of the group’s activities. He thinks it’s just his nature to be a loner and have no friends, but the rest of the members assure him that it’s simply not true. Watch the clip from Justice League: Cosmic Clash below:

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And in all seriousness, that is arguably the biggest contradiction about Batman. He’s constantly portrayed as loner, but often has lots of friends and adopted family around, and has been part of many incarnations of the Justice League, even if he occasionally plays by his own rules sometimes. Anyways, Justice League: Cosmic Clash is available on digital formats right now, but will be available on blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, March 1st. We may not have a review up that day, but will have one on the site as soon as possible, so hopefully later in the week at the latest.

h/t Comicbook.com