Yet Another Batman v Superman Prequel Comic


Batman v Superman prequel comic available through specially marked packages of Doritos

Seriously, enough with the prequel comics, guys. Granted, movies even ones not based on comic book characters often get completely worthless prequel comics, but usually it’s only a couple. Through promotional partners, I’m pretty sure Batman v Superman has at least 6 prequel comics already, so here’s yet another one available only in Doritos Family Fun Mix multipacks, which can be found exclusively at Walmart.

The comic is called Upstairs/Downstairs, and the story is all about that defaced Superman statue you have seen in the various Batman v Superman trailers. The statue is being unveiled in honor of Superman’s heroic deeds in Man of Steel, stopping Zod and his cronies from enslaving the Earth (but also killing tons of civilians and causing billions of property damage in the process). Bruce Wayne is watching the event on TV from his Batcave, and well he comes off as quite a bit of a jerk with an extreme lack of self-awareness. Take a look at a preview of the Batman v Superman prequel comic below:

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Really? Bruce Wayne essentiallu saying somebody has to earn being a “professional” superhero? it? I’m not saying Bruce Wayne didn’t put the work, dude trained for years to be the ultimate crime fighter. But he’s also a billionaire with virtually unlimited resources who just decided to become a hero. There’s no such thing as “professional” superheroes (well ok maybe Heroes for Hire, but that’s besides the point). Very few if any heroes make their living being a hero. Bruce Wayne sure as hell doesn’t. This comic just treats him in petty light lacking extreme self-awareness. Let’s hope that’s not an element in the actual Batman v Superman movie. I guess we’ll find out March 25th.