15 Box Office Records For Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice To Break

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is probably one of the most polarizing unseen movies to-date.  The movie hasn’t even been released yet and it already has its detractors.  On the opposite side of the spectrum you have people — yours truly — who are already praising it.  I will admit that I’m extremely biased when it comes to DC and Superman.  But I do try to temper my feelings and try to be as objective and analytical as possible when judging a film.

A film’s greatness can be measured in many ways: critics reviews, awards, popular opinion, etc.  However, all of those accolades depend on the tastes of individuals.  So if a critic or awarding body doesn’t prefer a certain genre, a film may not be recognized.  Is there any way to gain any sort of objective insight then?  Yes, through the lens of money!

With that in mind, Bam Smack Pow has compiled a list of 15 Box Office Records For Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice To Break. Going through the rankings, you will, at times, see a pattern of certain films repeating their monetary success.  You will also notice some commonalities between certain films (e.g. two of the highest grossing films of all time — Titanic (1997) and Avatar (2009) — were directed by James Cameron).

I’m optimistic that the combined power of the Trinity should be able to, at least, best one of these rankings.  So let’s see what it will take for the greatest superhero team to fly to the top …

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