Batman v Superman: Is Wonder Woman The Breakout Star?


Is Wonder Woman Batman v Superman’s secret weapon?

Despite all we’ve seen and heard of Batman v Superman, the extent of Wonder Woman’s role is still kind of a mystery. We know she shows up to help Batman & Superman fight Doomsday, and that as Diana Prince, she shows up at a party and makes quite the impression on Bruce Wayne. But at least from trailers, she seems very shoehorned into the film. But is that simply because Warner Bros. is actually holding back her best moments from the theaters?

According to Jon Schnepp and Chris Gore, that is absolutely the case. On the latest episode of Collider Heroes, among many other things, they talk specifically about their hopes for how Wonder Woman comes across in Batman v Superman and more importantly, how well relative newcomer Gal Gadot fills the role of easily the most iconic female superhero of all time. Both Schnepp & Gore say they talked to two different people who have seen Batman v Superman, and claim Wonder Woman is the real breakout star of this movie about DC’s two biggest male heroes duking it out. ou can watch them chat about it below, just skip to about 23 minutes in to get right to the part where they talk about Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman:

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Obviously, this is all rumor, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Very few people are focusing in the fact that Wonder Woman is in Batman v Superman (which is fair, given the title), and she doesn’t have to carry the film. She just has to show up, be awesome and kick some major ass in a few scenes, and she’ll easily be one the most memorable parts of the film. So if it’s true, let’s hope that awesomeness is expanded upon when the Wonder Woman movie actually comes out next year. We’ll obviously find out this for ourselves when Batman v Superman opens March 25th.

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