Carla Gugino Is In Batman v Superman?


Carla Gugino is probably in Batman v Superman, but you might not see her

Carla Gugino is a wonderful actress (Karen Cisco never got the love it deserved, but that’s not really a subject to discuss on this site), who also has a pretty long history of working with Zach Snyder. She of course was in Snyder’s Watchmen as The Silk Spectre, but she was also in Man of Steel as the voice for the Fortress of Solitude computer and Kelor, a Kryptonian service robot. So did she work with Zack Snyder again for Batman v Superman?

On Saturday, Gugino was live-tweeting the HBO broadcast of her disaster flick San Andreas, and was asked if she was in Batman v Superman by a fan. Gugino replied “You might hear me in it if you listen carefully.”, indicating that much like Man of Steel, she did some voiceover work for Batman v Superman.

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Now the most likely answer here is that Carla Gugino is reprising the role of the computer in the Fortress Of Solitude from Man of Steel for Batman v Superman. But there are a lot of other fun possibilities as well. She could be a reporter who’s voice you hear but don’t see her face, on TV or radio. She could be a voice you hear in a crowd. I think a fun thing to have her do would be the voice of both the computer in the Fortress of Solitude and the voice of the Batcomputer (it does sometimes have a voice). Either way, listen carefully for Carla Gugino’s voice in Batman v Superman, out March 25th.