Legends Of Tomorrow Tidbits – “Star City 2046”


Star City 2046” — the sixth episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow saw the team inadvertently travel to an apocalyptic future version of Star City.  While the team searched for a piece of tech crucial to the operation of the Waverider, they learned that Oliver Queen, in this alternate future, has given up.  This was probably the strongest episode to-date, with great character arcs and references abound.

Quick Recap of Legends of Tomorrow – “Star City 2046”

After crash landing in 2046 apocalyptic Star City, the team is greeted by an archer.  All hopes that this is an older Oliver Queen are quickly dashed when the archer reveals his face and goes on the offensive.  The team retreats back to the Waverider where they form a plan to steal a neuromorphic cortex prototype from Smoak Industries for the purposes of getting Gideon back online.  The team — composed of Rip, Sara, Leonard, and Mick — go out into the crime-infested streets of a futuristic Star City to retrieve the item.  The rest of the team remained on the ship to make crucial mechanical repairs.

Along the way, the team runs into the archer again.  This time, they’re actually able to call a truce where they learn that he’s the son of John Diggle, and has taken the name Connor Hawke.  Because Oliver Queen has been missing for a number years, Connor took it upon himself to continue the Green Arrow’s crusade.  At this time, they have a run-in with Grant Wilson, son of Slade Wilson, the original Deathstroke.  Leonard and Mick are confronted by a gang, whose leader Mick promptly kills, thereby, making Mick the gang’s new de-facto leader.  Leonard humors Mick by going with it … for now.

Back on the Waverider, Jax takes an interest in Kendra.  He asks Martin for advice on how to approach the situation.  Meanwhile, Ray, who has perfectly innocent intentions, becomes friendly with Kendra.  Martin talks to Ray, trying to discourage him so that Jax will have a chance.  However, Martin exasperates the problem and opens up Ray to the possibility of a relationship with Kendra.

Back in the city, Connor takes Rip and Sara to Oliver’s old lair in the hopes of retrieving Felicity’s warehoused prototype.  They soon discover that Oliver is alive, but has given up on his crusade.  Old, grizzled, and pessimistic, Oliver tells them where to find Felicity’s tech and forces them to leave.  At a bar, Mick is settling in comfortably as the new gang leader, but Leonard is growing impatient and wants to leave.  He sees the Legends as his comrades now and is uncomfortable leaving them behind.  Grant makes an appearance at the bar and announces a bounty on Rip’s, Sara’s, and Connor’s heads.

Finding the neuromorphic cortex prototype, Connor is captured by Grant.  Rip and Sara barely make it out alive if not for the assistance of Leonard and Mick.  Back on the Waverider, Sara argues with Rip, who thinks that they should just abandon Connor.  His logic: if they fix the timeline in the past, these events would never transpire.  Leonard and Mick have a heart-to-heart, and it’s discovered that Leonard doesn’t want to continue in his criminal ways, but Mick feels right at home in 2046.  The rift between the two has started.

Sara, defying Rip’s orders, goes back into the city and motivates Oliver — gaining his assistance.  As Connor is about to be executed, Sara uses herself as a distraction.  With Grant not paying attention, Oliver attacks.  Soon, the Legends arrive and lend a helping hand.  Grant is defeated and a re-inspired Oliver takes up the mantle of the Green Arrow again.  The team finally leaves 2046 and continues on their mission to hunt down Vandal Savage.

Character Highlights

  • Leonard Snart wins this round yet again.  Perhaps the most dramatic character arcing to date deals with his verbal slippage in the use of the word “friends.”  Surprising Mick and, most likely, most viewers watching the show, Leonard refers to the Legends as his comrades.  During the confrontation between the two — after Leonard knocks out Mick — Leonard notes that he wants to be more than a criminal, but Mick wants to remain in his rogue ways.  Actor Wentworth Miller pulled off a believable dramatic arc in this scene, making his character one of the most interesting currently on television.
  • Jax and Martin have finally had an episode where they’re not at each others’ throats.  Their team-up in the hopes of getting Jax started in a relationship with Kendra was both endearing and humorous.  Ray, acting more as a comedic foil at Jax’s attempts, was also a nice touch for the purposes of conflict.  This love triangle (if you can even call it that) was a great piece of comic relief for an episode that dealt with hopelessness and an apocalyptic Star City.

Easter Eggs and References

  • The armless Oliver Queen was an homage to the armless Oliver Queen seen in The Dark Knight Returns.  The reasons for both situation are different though.  It’s unknown how Oliver lost his arms in Legends of Tomorrow.  But in The Dark Knight Returns, Superman had to amputate Oliver’s arm when he couldn’t let go of a deadman’s switch to a bomb.  Instead of letting Oliver die, Superman made the only decision he could.
  • The character of Connor Hawke is an homage to Oliver Queen’s son in the comics.  However, in Legends of Tomorrow, Connor Hawke is John Diggle’s son whose real name is John Diggle, Jr.  It’s unknown where he got the name “Connor Hawke.”
  • “The Uprising” — supposedly the trigger-event that brought on the apocalyptic version of Star City — may be a reference to a Green Lantern storyline called Green Lantern: Uprising.
  • The helmet of the Golden Age Red Tornado, Ma Hunkel, is seen on top of a cabinet during the concluding moments of the episode.


  • When will we see a full-on brawl between Leonard and Mick?  It’s bound to happen as Leonard is walking on the path to heroism.
  • What’s the story behind John Diggle, Jr. taking on the name of Connor Hawke?  Did he make it up?  And is this the son of John and Lyla, or John and the product of another relationship?

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