Jimmy Kimmel In Batman v Superman?


Ben Affleck breaks the news to Jimmy Kimmel that he won’t be in the theatrical cut of Batman v Superman

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel had a post-oscars special interviewing among many others, Ben Affleck, who is of course, the latest actor to suit up for crime fighting duty as Batman in Batman v Superman. Jimmy Kimmel was also excited, because he is apparently in Batman v Superman, and had a great scene he wanted to show off! Unfortunately, Ben Affleck was the bearer of some bad news, as he told Kimmel that his scene from Batman v Superman was cut from the film. Boo!

But such a fantastic scene shouldn’t be left to the chances of maybe someday being in a special edition blu-ray release, so Ben Affleck was nice enough to bring the deleted scene from Batman v Superman for the audience (and us) to enjoy! Watch it below:

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Hey, I care about Lego Batman! Obviously this is mostly a spoof of the tense conversation at a party between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne we’ve already seen in one of the trailers for Batman v Superman. It’s a re-enactment, but still, there’s some interesting additional dialogue not involving Jimmy Kimmel that wasn’t in any of the trailers that seems like it might actually be from the movie. That dialogue indicates that at this party, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent know each other’s secret identities as Batman and Superman. Is this dialogue in the actual movie? Probably not, but if it is, it would a whole new level of tension to that scene. We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens on March 25th.

h/t Comicbook.com