New Batman v Superman Clip!


See some of the epic clash of Batman v Superman in a new clip!

Need some more of Batman v Superman? Well on last night’s Jimmy Kimmel post-Oscar special, they showed a new clip of the Man Of Steel and the Caped Crusader fighting it out on a rooftop!

In this clip from Batman v Superman, we’ve seen a little bit of already in the trailers shown so far (“If I wanted it, you’d  be dead already”) and not surprisingly, the fight isn’t going that well for Batman, even in power armor. He then tries to use smoke to seemingly escape. This seems like a poor strategy against a guy like Superman, but it’s just a distraction, as you’ll see when you watch the clip yourself:

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Ok, putting aside the whole “Batman never uses guns” thing, which I do have a problem with, but hey if you are already along for the ride, you know Batman at this point in the film doesn’t want to beat Superman, he wants to kill him, so a gun isn’t out of the question. But getting back to my point, Batman firing a gun might seem like a dumb idea against Superman, somebody Batman would certainly research before donning some kind of power armor and fighting him on a rooftop (seemingly right where the bat signal is), so there is obviously something else to it. Either the bullet is really explosive, or might be made of Kryptonite (which Batman may or may not have at this point in the film, we don’t really know) or the bullet is a distraction so he can catch Superman off guard with something else. What could it be? Even with fighting dirty, does Batman stand a chance against against Superman? We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens March 25th!