Agent Carter Season 2 Finale Was Least-Watched Episode Ever


The Agent Carter Season 2 finale offered fans action, suspense and another reason to sing Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun” one more time. It gave Peggy Carter hope for romance and even ended with a cliffhanger. What it didn’t provide is much hope that the series will return with more episodes next year.

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With Season 2 already lagging behind Season 1 in terms of ratings, Agent Carter went out with a whimper last night. According to Comic Book Resources, only 2.37 million people watched “Hollywood Ending” live, the lowest number in series history.

The shame of it is that Agent Carter is arguably better on a weekly basis than Agents of SHIELD, perhaps because the low episode totals (eight in Season 1 and 10 this year) keep the story from meandering too much. There’s never been a “Villain of the Week” problem for Peggy because there simply isn’t time for it.

That said, the fact that the series was a period piece and the lack of obvious tie-ins to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe may have ultimately cost Agent Carter its chance for survival.  Hayley Atwell already has another gig lined up, so even though she’s said she’d be down for a third season, she’ll be just fine if that doesn’t happen.

The question would be what would happen to the MCU TV plan without the show. Would Agents of SHIELD simply refrain from taking such a long winter break in 2017? Or would the Bobbi Morse/Lance Hunter spinoff, Marvel’s Most Wanted, effectively take the place of Agent Carter?

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We’ll miss Peggy’s feistiness, fashion sense and all-around ass-kicking. We’ll miss the Jarvis family, Howard Stark and the other great Season 2 supporting characters. We might even be talked into missing Jack Thompson. But with only 2 million people joining us in those feelings, it won’t be a surprise if ABC and Marvel say two seasons were enough.B