Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 7 Synopsis: Marooned


Star City 2046” — the sixth episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow saw the team inadvertently crash land in apocalyptic 2046 Star City.  There, they met a Green Arrow who was not Oliver Queen.  This Green Arrow was the son of John Diggle, now dead, and going by the name Connor Hawke (great Easter egg for you DC fans).  Oliver Queen was later found armless and hopeless, as he’s given up after losing his friends.

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Meanwhile, Mick joined a gang and dragged Leonard along for the ride.  As Leonard grew more frustrated with Mick falling back into his criminal ways, a rift started to develop between the two friends.  When Connor is captured by Grant Wilson, the son of Slade Wilson, Rip refuses to allow Sara to rescue him.  The reason?  If they fix the timeline in 2016, this future would never come to pass.  Martin, imploring Rip to reexamine his morals, is able to get him to change his mind.

After the Legends, assisted by Oliver, rescue Connor from his execution, and defeat Grant, Oliver gains a renewed sense of purpose and re-cements himself as the Green Arrow.  The Legends finally leave 2046, knowing that Star City will now be in good hands.

The team finally seems to be meshing well, but what new surprises will challenge them in their hunt for Vandal Savage?  This week, everything rides on Martin Stein rescuing his fellow Legends.  Here’s the official synopsis for “Marooned”:

"PIRATE ATTACK – After receiving a distress call from another timeship stranded in space, Rip (Arthur Darvill) decides to answer the call in order to use the other ship’s computer to track Savage (guest star Casper Crump). The team is suspicious and warns him this could be a trap but he moves forward with his plan. Ultimately, the team was right and they have to battle time pirates. With most of the team captured, it is up to Professor Stein (Victor Garber) to rescue them all."

And, of course, the promo for the episode:

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Enjoy this week’s new episode, and check back with us on Friday morning for our full recap and review.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Thursdays at 8:00PM EST.