Suicide Squad 2 Already In The Works?


Suicide Squad 2 may already be in the planning stages and set to start filming next year

Suicide Squad isn’t even out in theaters for another 5 months, but it’s never too early to start thinking about a sequel, which apparently Warner Bros. already is!

This comes from The Wrap, which is reporting that Suicide Squad director David Ayer’s newly announced film “Bright”, which stars Will Smith, who plays Deadshot in Suicide Squad, is something he wants to try and fit in before Warner Bros. brings both Ayer and Smith back for a Suicide Squad sequel next year. Obviously this indicates that Deadshot survives the Suicide Squad film (which was very likely, but you never know), but who will be joining him? Also seems like between Bright and the Suicide Squad sequel, Smith would be far to busy to be doing that rumored team up with Ben Affleck for a Batman/Deadshot film.

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Some may see this as a case of counting you chickens before they hatch, but the buzz on Suicide Squad has been pretty good as of late, and it’s probably more of a case of being ready to go and get started if Suicide Squad is successful. If it stars filming next year, I think the earliest we’d see a sequel is late 2018, I mean, there needs to be room on the calendar. Currently, 7 superhero films are scheduled for 2018, obviously that’s already a ton (although granted, nearly all of them are Marvel, the only DC ones are Flash & Aquaman). Who will be joining Deadshot in the next Suicide Squad film? Will Harley Quinn be coming along, or busy making plans for her own movie? We’ll obviously get a much better picture after the weekend of August 5th when Suicide Squad opens in theaters.