Wonder Woman Has Best Action Sequences In Batman v Superman


Ben Affleck latest claims back up news that Wonder Woman might be the best part of Batman v Superman

One thing we can be sure about in Batman v Superman is that it is loaded with action. How could it not be when the primary conceit is DC’s two biggest superheroes having a massive brawl? But according to Batman v Superman star Ben Affleck, neither Batman nor Superman can lay claim to having the best action sequences in the film.

In a recent interview, Ben Affleck claims that in fact, Wonder Woman gets the coolest action sequences in Batman v Superman:

"Gal Gadot plays the character of Wonder Woman in the movie. It’s very difficult not to fall into the ridiculous. The border is extremely thin but she really doing well. The most impressive action sequences in the film are actually hers."

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This would fit with earlier reports that Wonder Woman is really the most memorable part of Batman v Superman. By default she would have the least screen time of the three main heroes of the film, so you make the most of that screen time by making sure when she is in action, it’s really awesome, and people come away thinking she was awesome even if she’s only in like 30 minutes of this two and a half hour movie. We’ll find out if indeed this is the case when Batman v Superman opens in theaters in 23 days on March 25th.

h/t Comicbook.com