Batman v Superman: The Flash Is A Dream?


The Flash appears in one of Batman’s dreams in Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman will have more heroes appear than just Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash all at least have cameos in the film, in order to help set up for next year’s Justice League: Part One. But we don’t know to what extent these heroes are involved. But now we do know how Ezra Miller’s The Flash appears in the movie, through Batman’s subconscious.

We already know Batman has at least one dream (nightmare) sequence where Superman has turned on humanity and rules with a iron fist. Both Batman & Superman have various dream sequences throughout the film, and The Flash appears during one of these sequences to Batman.

Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder considers this a “giant Easter Egg that will hopefully spawn plenty of fan theories”. It’s unclear whether or not Batman already knows The Flash, but considering he likes keeping tabs on just about everybody, it wouldn’t be horribly surprising if he knew the Flash on some level, whether personally or just aware of his existence. He’s not alien, and while he has super powers, can’t lay waste to the entire planet like Superman can, so Batman may not be as concerned about him.

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Well, I hope this is done in some way that makes sense. Either Batman already knows Flash, or Flash is trying to break through to his subconscious somehow to give Batman a warning about something. Because if some random dude in a red suit who runs really fast shows up without any context to it, why does that mean anything? Why and how would Batman dream about Flash without ever having seen him before? So I’m fine with the idea, I just hope it’s explained sufficiently. We’ll find out of it is when Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.