Legends Of Tomorrow: Let’s Talk About the End of Marooned


Note: It’s probably obvious, but this post contains spoilers for Season 1, episode 7 of Legends of Tomorrow, and especially the fate of one of the show’s main characters. Please watch it first and then come back after you pick your jaw up off the floor!

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I’ll be honest, I didn’t see that coming, not even after DC’s Legends of Tomorrow proved both willing and able to kill off one of its main characters early on. That let fans know that not everyone might come back from Rip Hunter’s dangerous mission to change the future, but still …

All season long, tension has been growing between the formerly inseparable pair of the Flash’s Rogues, Captain Cold and Heat Wave. The latter has been chafing at the way the former bosses him around, but even more, he’s been irritated that Snart sold him on joining the Waverider in order to pull off a huge heist and ended up becoming a team player instead.

Things came to a head in the episode “Star City 2046,” as Mick Rory found himself in a lawless place where a man with his talents could carve out a personal empire (at least until the Legends inspired the return of Team Arrow, anyway). Mick thought, not without some cause, that his buddy Leonard would have been happy to stay in that time, where the two of them could rule.

The problem is that, as Snart himself admitted during the final scene of this week’s episode, people change. While he’d be loathe to admit it, both Rogues have grown to respect the fellow members of their team while bonding with them under difficult circumstances. Snart just grew closer to the other Legends than Rory did, and when push came to shove, he chose to stick with the group, seemingly killing his close friend in order to do so.

It’s true we never saw the body, just a full power blast from Cold’s gun. Maybe Snart just froze Rory’s legs are something, hoping he’d be finished off by the elements or starvation or something. That seems a bit cruel for him though, so if he decided to kill his friend, I’m pretty sure he’s a Mick-sicle right now.

We’ve also got to keep in mind that Legends of Tomorrow is a show with time travel baked into its core concept. The rules aren’t really clear on the series as far as what events can be changed and what can’t, but it’s not completely out of the realm of possibility that Cold can go back and change his mind at some point, or that all of the series’ events will be reset in some way if the team ever manages to stop Vandal Savage.

(Also worth noting: Episode 11 is titled “The Magnificent Eight,” and the team is currently down to seven members.)

But that won’t take away the shock of seeing this clash between fire and ice decided once and for all. R.I.P. Mick Rory. You were a violent jerk, but you had your moments.