Batman v Superman: Lex Luthor Orchestrates A Mass Murder?


Batman and Superman, don’t like each other, but Lex Luthor makes it so much worse in Batman v Superman

The movie is called Batman v Superman. We know at least for  a good portion of the film, the two really don’t get along. But it might’ve stayed at merely not liking each other instead of a knockout drag down win at all costs brawl if not for Lex Luthor’s scheming.

You might’ve already guessed this from the trailers, but Lex Luthor is very keen on seeing the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight take each other on. Granted, the two are already on each other’s bad side, without Luthor’s help, but in Batman v Superman, he apparently orchestrates a mass murder. Not that surprising for an evil megalomaniac billionaire, but however he accomplishes this, it makes things between Batman and Superman much worse, so it has to be in a way that Superman seems responsible for you would think. Another thing that was basically known but not really confirmed until now is that Luthor uses Zod’s body and Kryptonian artifacts to build Doomsday (so it won’t be the same Doomsday from the comics really, which is fine).

We also finally know some more details about Wonder Woman’s actual role in Batman v Superman. She just doesn’t show up out of the blue. She is using her Diana Prince identity and day job as an antique dealer as a cover to investigate Luthor and figure out what he’s hiding. So she definitely feels less shoehorned in knowing that.

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Well, we kinda knew Luthor in some way was egging on Batman and Superman to beat the crap out of each other. But being that Luthor is a genius schemer, I hope his grand plan is bigger than just taking out Superman (and Batman in the process), that honestly seems a little simple for a dude like him. We’ll find out when Batman v Superman opens March 25th.