Details On R-Rated Cut Of Batman v Superman


Batman v Superman’s brutal fight scenes are apparently what bumps the director’s cut of Batman v Superman to an R rating

Batman v Superman is PG-13 in the theaters. But not long ago, it was announced that there will be a director’s cut of the film for home release that will be rated “R”, specifically for violence, which was unexpected for a movie that while grim in tone, is definitely being marketed to kids, (see all the cereal boxes with free comics for evidence) and certainly raised the ire of some, instantly jumping to the conclusion that Superman and/or Batman are out snapping necks in the film.

WB executive Greg Silverman, puts all those theories to rest, however. Saying that the primary thing that makes the director’s cut of Batman v Superman R, is the brutality of the fight scenes in the movie, which they clearly toned down for the theatrical release. He also confirmed that new characters would be in the director’s cut that didn’t make he theatrical version, including Jena Malone’s character, which was likely, but it’s good to know for sure she’ll be in some version of the film.

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Well, one has to wonder exactly what pushes the fight scenes in Batman v Superman from an PG-13 to an R. Is it just bloodier? Will we actually see broken bones? Either way, this should actually be good considered good news, as most people again jumped to the conclusion that because a director’s cut of this movie, which won’t be the version people see in theaters, instantly meant superheroes killing guys left and right who are traditionally against that. The other “new characters” tidbit is interesting as well. Granted, it could just be some minor characters, but Silverman specifically mentions foreshadowing future stories, so odds are there might be some very cool cameos in the director’s cut of Batman v Superman well worth checking out. Batman v Superman is in theaters March 25th, and obviously the R Rated director’s cut will be released on home video sometime after that (my money is on shortly before Suicide Squad).