Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 7 Recap And Review: Marooned


“Marooned” — the seventh episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow sees the team captured by time pirates.  Stein is on his own to save everyone and Leonard completes his arc as a hero.  We also get some flashbacks of Rip as a trainee Time Master.  For this recap, we’ll cover the main story first and then cover the flashbacks in a consolidated section.

Legendary Recap: Rip somberly watches a holographic recording of his wife, Miranda, and son, Jonas.  Stein interrupts Rip to get an update on the search for Vandal.  Rip reveals that due to his rogue status, Gideon’s CPU has ceased getting updates from the Time Master’s main database.

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The team is seen bored, with Mick being the most frustrated.  Gideon suddenly received a distress call from a Time Master name Captain Baxter, who’s actually pursuing Rip and his team.  Rip wants to board Captain Baxter’s ship, the Akaron, and use her ship’s CPU to track Vandal.  Leonard thinks it’s a trap because everything seems too convenient.  However, Rip has already made up his mind.  Rip leaves the ship under Ray’s command.

The team boards the jumpship and make their way to the Akaron.  Because the Akaron’s self-destruct code has activate, power in the ship has been cut off.  Boarding the Akaron, the team is quickly captured by time pirates.  Their leader is Captain John Valor, and he wants to takeover the Waverider since the Akaron is non-functional.  Valor knows Rip’s reputation.

On the Waverider, Ray receives a call from Valor.  Valor attempts to use Rip as a bargaining chip to get the Waverider.  However, Rip uses this opportunity to use a secret vocal command to Gideon.  The Waverider suddenly goes on the offensive and starts to flee.  Valor pursues them, and in the process, the Waverider is damaged.  Stein, worried about the status of his friends, boards the Akaron and disables its weapons system.

Leonard and Sara attempt to fix the hole in the Waverider.  However, Leonard’s freeze gun runs out of power.  As a precaution, the ship seals them in the bulkhead to protect the rest of the ship from the exposed area.  The temperature in the room quickly drops.

Rip, Jax, Leonard, and Mick are escorted to a cell where the time pirates are also holding Baxter.  Baxter, tasked with bringing Rip to justice, is not impressed and immediately calls all of them criminals.

As Rip and Sara endure freezing temperatures, they talk about what it’s like to die.  Sara describes it as being lonely.  Leonard recalls a story of when he first met Mick, where Mick protected Leonard from a gang of bullies.

On the Akaron, Stein overpowers a time pirate and takes his weapon.

Ray dons his ATOM suit in the hopes of fixing the Waverider’s damage from the outside.  The risk?  His suit wasn’t built for outer space.

Jax’s attempts to unlock the cell door are futile.  Mick blames the whole situation on Rip.  It’s soon revealed that Rip only wanted Leonard to be on the trip.  Mick was just part of a “package deal.”  Angered, Mick calls out to the time pirates to cut a deal.

Meeting Valor, Mick offers to take him on board the Waverider in exchange for a trip back to 2016.  Valor agrees, but makes the situation convincing by beating Mick unconscious.

As Ray fixes the Waverider, his oxygen levels start to drop dramatically.

Leonard confesses to Sara that he wished Mick remained back in Star City.  The only reason he brought him along was to keep him in check.

Rip loses all hope that anyone is still alive.  Baxter questions Rip’s honor and duty.  Angered, Rip tells Baxter that his honor and duty are to his family.  Suddenly, Stein appears and quickly frees them.

Ray’s oxygen drops to a point where he almost loses consciousness.  Kendra tries her best to keep him awake.  As he successfully patches the Waverider, he succumbs to the low oxygen.  Leonard and Sara are finally freed when the Waverider opens its bulkhead doors.  As Kendra rushes into the airlock, she finds Ray unresponsive.  Administering multiple chest blows, Kendra brings him back to life.

Gideon alerts the team that Mick had escaped via the jumpship.  Ray, Kendra, Sara, and Leonard greet Mick when he boards, only to find that Mick led the time pirates onto their ship.  Leonard chooses to fight against Mick and blasts one of the time pirates.

Rip tells everyone to leave the Akaron while he faces off with Valor.  Baxter refuses to leave her ship and the rest of the team won’t leave without Rip.  They all form a plan to take out as many time pirates as possible.

Mick heads towards the engine room.  Leonard tries to pursue him, but is shot.  Sara ends up facing off with Mick.

Rip battles Valor on the Akaron.  Valor ends up getting the upper hand and the time pirates corner Stein, Jax, and Baxter.  At the last possible moment, Rip gives the ship’s on-board computer, Gilbert, commands to open the airlock.  The plan works and all the time pirates are jettisoned into space.

As a token of gratitude, Baxter will no longer pursue Rip.  She also hands him information on where to find Vandal next.

On the Waverider, Ray tells Kendra that he actually heard her tell him that she “couldn’t live without him” when she thought he was unconscious.  The two share a moment and kiss.

The team decides what to do with Mick.  Leonard is adamant on being the one to take care of the problem.  Leonard brings Mick to an unknown location where the two exchange words.  When Mick goads Leonard into killing him, Leonard fires his blaster, but the results happen off-screen.

Rip’s Legendary Flashback: Rip and Miranda are in a firefight.  After successfully escaping, it’s revealed that they’re in a Time Master training simulator.  Rip complains about Miranda’s recklessness to the Time Master trainer.  When not in anyone’s presence, Rip and Miranda passionately kiss.  They are soon caught by their mentor.

The two are soon reviewed by a council of Time Masters for their conduct because Time Masters are to not have any romantic relationships.  When the results of the review return, Rip discovers that Miranda put the blame on herself and resigned.

Miranda admits to Rip that she found a higher-calling — love.

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Legendary Moment(s): The fight between Mick and Sara.

Thoughts for Tomorrow: My biggest gripe tonight: why didn’t Stein and Jax merge to become Firestorm?