Suicide Squad Will Definitely Be PG-13


Suicide Squad is not trying to be DC’s R-rated comic book franchise

With the massive success of Deadpool (and no it’s not the first successful R-rated comic book film, but it’s the most successful of those by a longshot already), it definitely has fans (and studio execs as well) wondering what other comic book films might be going for R now that a recent comic book film really aimed at an older crowd was a huge success. The next Wolverine movie will be Rated R (although that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with Deadpool), while PG-13 in theaters, there will be an R-rated director’s cut of Batman v Superman when it comes to home video (most definitely not having anything to do with Deadpool). For some comic book movies, going for an R rating is definitely not the way to go because it doesn’t really fit the source material.

But what about Suicide Squad? This is a film about murderous villains. Joker & Harley Quinn are homicidal maniacs, Deadshot is the world’s best assassin, Killer Croc eats people. This is a film that looks like it could easily go for an R rating and no one would be opposed to that except maybe the kids too young to go see it (PG-13 is treated as ok for most kids these days). But Suicide Squad producer Charles Roven clarifies that they are definitely aiming for Suicide Squad to be a PG-13 film.

"I think right now we’re going for the PG-13. I don’t know that that’s going to materially change. We can give that movie the edge that it needs and still maintain a PG-13."

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While much like Batman v Superman, we could see an R-rated cut of Suicide Squad somewhere down the line, that’s not what will be in theaters. And of course that’s fine. You can certainly accomplish what you need to in a Suicide Squad movie without it being R, and just because you can go for an R rating, doesn’t mean you should. Putting excessive adult material in a film that didn’t really need feels, well excessive. Suicide Squad will be PG-13m and be in theaters August 5th.