Batman Solo Film Is A Prequel?


The Batman solo film might focus heavily on Robin

Batman is in a pretty dark place in the time of Batman v Superman. Granted, he’s usually in a pretty dark place, but this is a whole new level. While Batman v Superman will certainly explore some of how he got to that point, be prepared for a deep and thorough explanation of it in the upcoming solo Batman movie, tenatively titled The Batman.

DC’s Geoff Johns says that ruined Robin suit that we’ve seen is something that is going to be explored down the line, suggesting that an upcoming solo Batman film would actually take place prior to the events of Batman v Superman. While there have been heavy rumors for awhile, I believe this is the first time somebody who actually works at DC has confirmed that there is a Batman movie actually in development and what it might be about. Johns also went on to stress that we don’t really know which Robin was wearing that suit, so while it might have been Jason Todd, the one Robin who died in a rather infamous manner in the comics, it totally could be someone else who has held the mantle of the Boy Wonder, especially considering Batman v Superman has a Dark Knight that is older than most of us are used to seeing.

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I wouldn’t see Warner Bros. being above pulling a switcheroo and having the dead Robin be Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, but that messes up so many opportunities down the line that you would think they would have a little bit of foresight about. Like Nightwing needs to be Dick Grayson, so if you kill Grayson, you don’t have that. Jason Todd Needs to be Red Hood, Drake needs to be Robin and go on to lead the Teen Titans. There’s just too many possibilities and this is stuff we have never really seen on the big screen.

Also, while at least the first solo Batman movie can be about his tragic past, I would think Batman v Superman and by extension Justice League would bring Batman some measure of peace, where he can rely on others again and be part of a team and so on and maybe that might lead to a second Batman movie where he does have a Robin again. It should be noted that The Batman as it now titled is extremely early in development, and this could easily change. But my hope is that they don’t close so many doors of opportunity down the line just for the sake of throwing fans a curve in this one movie.

h/t EW