Gotham: Everything Is Doomed


Ben McKenzie says “everything is sort of doomed” On Gotham

Jim Gordon has been going down a dark path on Gotham, and he might go a little further before things start to turn around. He’s killed Theo Galavan, and then lied about it to the people most important to him. Ben McKenzie, in an interview with talked about where Gordon is at right now at this point in Gotham’s run and where things can go from here:

"Jim’s doing what he has to do. Some of that involves this notion of having a public face and a private reality, which is key to the whole Batman mythos.We don’t want him to get to the point where he’s irredeemable. I think he’s close to as far as we can take him right now, as far as what he’s done. Now it’s living with it, and paying the price, coming to terms with who he is now and what that means. It’s hard to talk about it exactly, because the episodes will explain it to you moving forward. He didn’t just go outside and cap a random street thug for fun – he killed the most powerful evil villain in the city because he felt like he had to. If he put him in handcuffs again, he thought he’d just escape; the legal system has failed him, and he thought he was doing whatever it takes. I hope he’s not irredeemable, but he certainly should be dirty, should be compromised.This can’t work out well. It’s a tragedy, so everything is sort of doomed on a certain level. But redemption is around every corner as well, so that’s what we’re clinging to. At the end of the day, the heroes have to get up in the morning and fight off the evil once again."

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It’s easy to think of Gordon as this incorruptible, untouchable cop, but that is really only who he is as Commissioner Gordon, well into his career. Seeing him fall and pick himself back up again is just part of the journey. It makes him repeatable and human. Watch Gordon’s journey from the depths of darkness to be the heroic Commissioner of the GCPD on Gotham Mondays on Fox!