Gotham: The Dead Return


It seems like Gotham will be overrun with once dead villains very soon

Ever since we learned that Indian Hill is a medical facility where a bunch of weird and illegal medical experiments are being performed, it’s also become home to many of Gotham’s worst criminals, many of them dead when they enter. To what end? Well it’s been repeatedly hinted at that these criminals may be brought back from the dead, and tonight’s episode of Gotham teased ever more returns from the beyond.

Major spoilers follow from tonight’s episode of Gotham, A Dead Man Feels No Cold follow, so be forewarned

Now, it’s already been hinted that Fish Mooney is coming back (and the news has been out there for awhile now). But not only did Freeze survive his apparent death, becoming the Mr. Freeze who can only survive in extreme cold we are familiar with:

But we got a glimpse of Theo Galavan, who we already knew was coming back as Azrael thanks to some leaked on set pics, and a certain murderous psychopath with a charming smile and a chilling laugh:

Ben McKenzie hinted that Jerome might be coming back, so maybe he really is the Joker after all.

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Gotham has plenty of villains still coming in the rest of season, so the return of these previously dead ones will just pour the pressure on Jim Gordon and the GCPD in general, and of course Bruce Wayne is still years away from being the hero Gotham needs. Gordon, Bullock and the rest of the GCPD will have to find some way to hold Gotham together, but no matter what it seems like Gotham is slowly sliding into depths it will be hard to crawl out of. How will Gordon and Gotham handle the recently deceased coming back to wreak more havoc? Keep watching Mondays on Fox to find out! 1, 2