Details Of Batman Telltale Game At SXSW


Telltale will unveil details of their upcoming Batman game at this year’s SXSW festival

Lat year, Telltale Games surprised a lot of people with the announcement of their next game, which would be focused on Batman. Batman games historically have been a very action-focused affair, and while Telltale Games are great storytellers, they have a pretty rigid template in their games that does not lend itself well to action. It stands to reason that this upcoming Batman game would focus more on the detective side of the Dark Knight. But nobody really knew, because besides  a brief teaser, we have heard and seen nothing of the game. But that will finally change next week at the SXSW festival.

For those not familiar, SXSW is a big festival at the Austin Convention Center held every year. It focuses mostly on movies & music (not necessarily indie/alternative, but that’s mostly what’s there), but games have been an increasing part of SXSW, and that trend continues with Telltale announcing that details of it’s upcoming Batman game will finally be revealed at this year’s SXSW.

Specifically, next Friday, March 18th, BATMAN: Telltale Unmasked with Greg Miller is a panel that will have Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller interviewing the developers of the still untitled Batman game. It specifically mentions delving into the psyche of Bruce Wayne, which is something most of the previous games haven’t really explored much.

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I’d be very interested in a Batman game that actually explores being Bruce Wayne more and focusing more on the detective side of Batman. Is Telltale the right studio to do that though? I actually haven’t been that impressed by their output and most of their games seem to follow the same rigid template. We’ll get more details on Telltale’s Batman game next Friday during SXSW, I’ll certainly hold any opinions until we at least see some footage.

h/t Batman-News