Gotham: This Ball Of Mud & Meanness Preview


The search for the murderer of Thomas & Martha Wayne continues in next week’s episode of Gotham!

Mr. Freeze (is at least temporarily) on ice, but things are just starting to heat up in Gotham. Gordon is finally noticing that a certain records keeper has been mysteriously absent for a worrying amount of time, and Bruce Wayne is still on the case of find his parents’ killer. All this and more unfolds in episode 14 of Gotham season 2, “This Ball Of Mud & Meanness”!

Here’s a synopsis for “This Ball of Mud & Meanness”:

"Alfred and Selina help Bruce on his quest to find his parents’ killer, Matches Malone (guest star Michael Bowen). Meanwhile, Gordon follows up with Edward Nygma on Kristen Kringle’s whereabouts and Hugo Strange (guest star BD Wong) continues his treatment to reduce Penguin’s aggression."

“This Ball Of Mud & Meanness” also marks the first appearance of Lori Petty on Gotham, who definitely looks like a female Joker type, though if she’s willing to help Bruce Wayne out in any way, that makes her seem a little less psychotic than someone like Jerome. In the preview clip below, we don’t actually see Lori Petty, but we do see young Bruce Wayne ready to confront and maybe even kill the man who murdered his parents:

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Is young Bruce Wayne going to kill the man who murdered his parents? Sure, in the comics, Batman is known for his anti-gun stance (and at leats kinda trying not to kill people), but in the comics, young Bruce Wayne never investigated his parents’ murder and took a gun to confront the killer. Granted, it’s incredibly likely that Bruce will consider using the gun, but decide that’s not justice. But then, Gotham always likes playing around with our expectations. Find out what happens in episode 14 of Gotham: This Ball of Mud & Meanness, next Monday on Fox!