Batmobile Suitcase Is Style Over Substance


This Batmobile Suitcase may look stylish, but there isn’t a lot of room under the hood

Let’s face it, luggage can be pretty boring. But granted, it’s luggage, it doesn’t have be exciting, it just has to fit all the junk we take with us when we travel. And sometimes, looking cool and stylish comes at the price of being practical.

As is the case with this Batmobile suitcase. The design of the case is obviously very cool-looking. It’s based on the appearance of the Batmobile in the upcoming Batman v Superman film. It even has a fairly cool feature where you can drag it upright like you would traditionally do with luggage, or you can pull it around on all 4 wheels so it looks like the Batmobile is on your tail! Cool. It’s not even horribly priced at about $100. But there’s just one problem, even for a kid’s luggage item, there’s just not a lot of space in there. Take a look:

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Granted, this Batmobile suitcase probably isn’t meant to be a serious piece of luggage, but if you get this for a kid (and possibly even certain adults), they will want to take it EVERYWHERE. And in that case it becomes much more of a hindrance than anything else. Not to mention because of the design and plastic shell, it’s not narly as easy to fit in overhead bins or under seats. It might actually be ok for a day trip at the park or zoo, but you know at some point the parents will be the ones pulling this around after the kid gets tired of it. If you are still interested in this Batmobile suitcase (for yourself, your kid or anyone else), it will be available sometime this May.

h/t Gizmondo