Batman v Superman Watches!


These Batman v Superman limited edition watches let you pick Batman or Superman in style

If you are a little too mature for the action figures and comic book tie-ins for Batman v Superman, but still want something stylish that shows off your fandom for the film, these Batman v Superman watches by Police might just be for you.

Police is “lifestyle brand” that describes themselves as “A lifestyle that looks beyond and expresses the essence of the metropolitan spirit, for men and women who want to be themselves”. They produce fragrances, sunglasses, wallets and also watches, and they are making two different (but honestly mostly similar) Batman v Superman watches for you to wear.

Both watches are the same design, with the only real difference being the color. One is blue based (with a splash of red on one of the clocks in the watch) to represent Superman, they other being grey and silver to represent Batman. Both sport the Batman v Superman logo inside and come in a exclusive gift box. Only 2400 of these watches are being made, and run for about $280 U.S. (I believe they are actually only available in the U.K., but I’m sure you an import it from a dealer or something, but who knows how much that actually adds to the price).

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For a limited edition watch licensed, these Batman v Superman watches look cool and don’t seem horribly overpriced. That being said, I wish their was a little more variation in the design though. The only way you can even tell it’s a Batman v Superman watch is the tiny insignia that might be incredibly hard for some people to spot, and each watch should have it respective hero’s insignia, not just the movie one. Again, these watches only seem to be available in the U.K., but I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to get your hands on one if you really want. Batman v Superman opens in theaters March 25th.

h/t CBM