Ben Affleck Talks Biggest Challenge Of Playing Batman


What does Ben Affleck think the biggest challenge of being Batman is?

It’s always hard to take on a role of a long-running beloved character. That can go double for one that’s prevalent in at least two different mediums, like movies & comics. So there’s no doubt than Ben Affleck had a lot to live up to when taking on the mantle of Batman for this big DC movie universe starting with Batman v Superman and potentially going on for years if not decades (although Affleck is 43, if they are are still making DC movies with Batman in them in 15 years, they will probably need to recast the role). Ben Affleck talked about what he thinks is the hardest part of being the Dark Knight:

"The biggest challenge going into it was the sort of the daunting aspect of playing a character whose got such a fixed place in people’s minds already. I think that was the biggest challenge. I didn’t get to create the character and had to recreate something and hope that it fit into people’s and our idea of who Batman was already."

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I think Ben Affleck is absolutely right on this. Batman, even though there have been many iterations on him over the years (most of which all have their own strong fanbase), comes with a lot of expectations, and it’s hard to live up to those lofty ideals of what is already in someone’s mind. I’ve repeatedly talked about the fact that I don’t necessarily have great expectations for Batman v Superman, though that’s not on Ben Affleck, that’s more on Zack Snyder. But admittedly, that also plays into my expectations based on his movie history. Specifically, his comic book movie history. I think Ben Affleck will meet if not exceed those expectations people place on him as Batman. We’ll find out in two weeks if I’m right when Batman v Superman opens in theaters.