Gotham: Gordon Finally Suspects Nygma


Gordon finally questions Nygma about Miss Kringle’s mysterious absence in this new clip from Gotham

Ok, Jim Gordon has been an incredibly busy dude on Gotham lately, what with the Maniax and the Order of St. Dumas and Theo Galavan behind it all. He didn’t really have a chance to gather his thoughts before Mr. Freeze put half of the GCPD on ice.

So for once, I think he can finally be forgiven that a certain records keeper has been mysteriously absent for a long amount of time. Sure, he was told by the seemingly trustworthy and harmless Edward Nygma that she ran off with her former jerk abusive boyfriend, but that doesn’t explain why she has a pile of uncashed paychecks sitting around.

And now that things have finally calmed down just a little, in this new clip from this Monday’s upcoming episode of Gotham, “This Ball of Mud & Meanness”, James Gordon finally starts asking Edward Nygma some questions about Miss Kringle and the circumstances of her supposedly running off:

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Granted, in this new Gotham clip, it only looks like Gordon is just starting to suspect something isn’t right here. He wasn’t that on the ball with Theo Galavan. It could take him another season to figure out that Nygma’s new hobby is murdering people and dumping their bodies in remote locations. It’ll be interesting to see if Nygma starts leaving the GCPD riddles, and since there’s no Batman, they just have no clue what the riddles mean. Then Nygma just gets frustrated and bored because it’s too easy. It probably won’t go that far to be fair and Gordon will probably catch onto Nygma by then end of the season, but you should still tune into Gotham Mondays on Fox to find out for sure…

h/t Nerdist