Gotham: The Possibilities Of Hugo Strange


Hugo Strange has the capability of twisting Gotham like no one before him

People are always manipulating things behind the scenes of Gotham, be it corrupt politicians, mobsters or the Order Of St. Dumas. But a new player has come to Gotham with more possibility to twist the city into his deranged image than ever before. B.D. Wong talked about the potential director of Arkham Asyllum (and Indian Hill), Docotor Hugo Strange has as a man able to to bend all of Gotham’s worst villains to his will:

"Well, I think what I’m most interested in is that he has the potential to play a very major part in the dynamics, the plot dynamics of the show, of Gotham, and of Gotham City. Because he is in this position, in this particular place, and all of the villains come through that place, he is the type of person that can manipulate, or rehabilitate, or alter these people’s minds and their bodies. The possibilities are endless as to what can actually happen with him as an agent of all that change. He takes the people, he treats them, or deals with them in lots of different ways. And then, he puts them back out into Gotham City. And so, there is lots of very dramatic and juicy things that happen as a result."

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Wong also noted that he wasn’t a comic book nerd, and didn’t do a lot of research for the role, thinking it’s more important to get the look and feel right for what works for Gotham rather than sticking to the source material. Granted, I don’t think there’s a ton of depth to Strange, he’s just really a stock evil psychologist, so you wouldn’t have to do much research on him to get the character right.

It should be interesting to see what kinds of chaos Strange can bring to Gotham with his weird experiments. Will he actually bring people back from the dead? Can he give Penguin super powers? How long before James Gordon actually suspects Strange of something, because it took him a pretty damn long time to suspect former Mayor Theo Galavan. Find out by tuning into Gotham Monday nights on Fox!