Gotham: The Ice Cream Test


In this new Gotham clip, Dr. Strange puts Penguin’s treatment to the test

On Gotham, Penguin has been subject to the aggressive treatment methods Hugo Strange has been using. To reduce Penguin’s aggression, ironically. In theory, these treatments will make Penguin, a vengeful and violent homicidal manical, pretty docile. To really see if it is working however, Strange puts Penguin through the “Ice Cream Test”, which honestly sounds like the most sinister use of ice cream ever with the way Strange says it and the music that is playing. Does Penguin pass the ice cream test? Watch the clip below from this Monday’s episode of Gotham: This Ball of Mud and Meanness, to find out:

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That’s a nice callback to Dr. Crane in this scene, wonder if it means Jonathan Crane is involved with Indian Hill somehow. Also, not that Penguin doesn’t need his aggression severely reduced, but what about this giant dude who is clearly willing to murder Penguin just because he go some ice cream? Granted, it does seem like the treatment is working, as Penguin shows no signs of aggression at all. But I think Dr. Strange grossly underestimates two qualities Penguin has in spades: cunning and patience. He could easily be faking because he knows that is what Dr. Strange wants to see out of him, and is simply waiting for Strange to let his guard down and for the right opportunity. It’s how he rose from lowly umbrella boy to King of the Gotham underworld, even if it was an all too brief reign. Is Penguin faking? Will anyone help him escape? When the heck is Penguin’s dad showing up? The only way to get the answers to these questions is to keep watching Gotham Mondays on Fox!

h/t TV Guide