Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1, Episode 8 Recap And Review: “Night Of The Hawk”


“Night of the Hawk” — the eighth episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow sees the team arriving in the 1950s, where they discover a time when racism, sexism, and harassment were societal norms. With Mick’s fate still unanswered, Leonard’s trustworthiness to the team is also questioned by Jax.

Legendary Recap: In a town called Harmony Falls in 1958, a band of teenagers drag race. They soon crash and find a meteorite with a glowing blue substance. Vandal Savage makes a surprise appearance and tells them what it is.

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The Waverider has arrived at the same town and time based on new data received from Captain Baxter. Recent news reports show people missing and turning up dead. The team goes undercover to investigate what Savage is up to: Ray and Kendra pose as a newly married couple; Martin and Sara are a doctor and nurse, respectively; and Rip and Leonard pretend to be FBI agents investigating the serial killings.

At a diner, Jax is given the task of approaching a girl named Betty, one of the teens who was in the car during the drag race, and also the driver’s girlfriend. They have a friendly exchange, but racist football players approach and act hostile toward Jax. When they finally leave, Betty asks Jax out on a date.

At the hospital, Martin has Sara start to review every inmate with a violent past. While going through files, she witnesses one of the doctors rudely hitting on a nurse, Nurse Carlisle. Sara comes to the rescue and makes the doctor spill his coffee. Carlisle then gives Sara a tour of the facility where she learns that Hall H (Easter egg?) is off-limits.

Ray and Kendra get a knock at the door. They’re greeted by a woman named Gail Knox whose husband suddenly makes an appearance — it’s Savage with a casserole (apparently, according to Ray, it’s also delicious). He doesn’t recognize Kendra and invites both her and Ray over for a dinner party.

A man changing his tire on the side of the road is attacked by vicious winged creatures.

On the Waverider, Jax confronts Leonard about Mick’s disappearance. Leonard doesn’t take too kindly to it.

Sara, going through one of the doctor’s drawers, is caught by Carlisle. Thinking that Sara is looking for alcohol, Carlisle invites her for a drink.

Ray and Kendra arrive at Savage’s dinner party. They get a taste of the racist environment and quickly make a decision to split up to cover more ground. Savage approaches Kendra and flirts with her, but abruptly leaves when he gets a phone call. Ray, upstairs, finds a locked steel door.

As Sara’s and Carlisle’s conversation becomes more personal, Sara figures out that Carlisle is a lesbian. Carlisle tries to cover it up, but Sara gains her trust.

Savage enters the hospital and goes to Hall H. There, we see that he has the teenagers, who are now transformed into winged creatures, restrained and locked up.

During the daytime, Ray dons his ATOM suit and sneaks into Savage’s secret room with Kendra keeping watch from across the street. Ray discovers that Savage is hiding the ancient Egyptian dagger required to kill him. As Savage returns home, Ray re-shrinks and makes a quick escape.

Sara approaches Carlisle to ask about Hall H. In the heat of the moment, Carlisle and Sara share a kiss, which causes Sara to quickly run away.

On a date with Betty, Jax asks her about Tommy. She tells him about their drag race and the meteorite encounter. However, the two are interrupted by the two football players. They drag Jax out of the car and rough him up. Suddenly, the winged creatures swoop down from the sky and start their attack. Jax gets away from them, but Betty is critically scratched in the neck by one of the creatures. Jax races down the road, trying to get back to the Waverider so that Gideon can treat her. A cop pulls them over and knocks Jax unconscious.

Ray and Leonard find Jax’s car with Betty still inside, barely alive. They take her back to the Waverider where she’s immediately treated by Gideon. During an analysis of her blood, Gideon detects silicate elements. Martin immediately deduces it to be material from the same meteorite that made Savage immortal and gave Kendra her powers.

Ray shows the team the dagger he found in Savage’s house. The team knows that Savage is most likely not the one doing the killing. Kendra decides to use the knife and go after Savage by herself. Kendra becomes angry and insulted after Ray suggests helping her.

Martin warns Sara about starting a relationship that she’ll have to abruptly leave. Sara confesses to Martin that it was her who became afraid, not Carlisle. Ever since Sara was resurrected, every one of her emotions have been new to her.

Jax wakes up at an unknown location. He’s quickly greeted by Savage, who proceeds to inject him with the blue fluid found in the meteorite. Jax immediately begins to transform.

Kendra visits Savage and attempts to seduce him. Ray and Rip are in the hospital lobby where they pretend to be a patient and an orderly, respectively.

Martin tells Leonard that he has a feeling that Jax is in trouble.

Kendra continues her flirting with Savage. When she finally tries to reach for the dagger, she discovers that it’s missing. Savage, already catching on to her ruse, puts the dagger to her throat. He then remotely releases the creatures from their holding.

The creatures attack Martin and Leonard. The two then meet face-to-face with the transformed Jax. Leonard is able to incapacitate Jax without killing him.

Kendra, seeing an opportunity, fights back and gains a temporary advantage over Savage.

At the hospital lobby, the creatures attack the staff. To Carlisle’s surprise, Sara shows off her fighting skills and saves Carlisle.

Savage and Kendra continue to fight, but Savage quickly gains an upper-hand. When he’s about to kill Kendra, Ray rushes in and saves her.

Jax comes back to consciousness and continues his attack on Martin and Leonard. Sara arrives and saves both of them.

On-board the Waverider, Martin has created a gene therapy with Gideon’s help. The treatment is a success and Jax transforms back to his normal self. Martin thanks Leonard for saving Jax and notes that Leonard’s actions were those of a hero.

Sara kisses Carlisle and says her goodbye. Tommy is now back to normal and gets back together with Betty. Ray and Kendra both apologize to each other and come to an understanding about their partnership. Jax meets with Leonard and the two settle their differences. Suddenly, the Waverider is attacked and boarded by Chronos, who’s now better armed. Outside, Kendra, Ray, and Sara watch the Waverider abandon them.

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Legendary Moment(s): The humorous scene where Martin had fond memories of the 1950s, but the team begged to differ. The interaction between the three was just perfect and hilarious.

Thoughts for Tomorrow: This was probably pressing on everyone’s mind throughout the episode: What happened to Mick!? Were the writers just being sadists? Also, could Mick redeem himself if he saves the team from Chronos? I have know idea how he’ll be inserted into the plot, or how he’ll pull it off. But if there was any chance of his redemption, this would have to be it.