Gotham: Jim & Leslie Will Be Tested


Jim & Leslie may be driven to the breaking point in season two of Gotham

Real life couple Ben McKenzie & Morena Baccarin are in a really good place right now. They are happily engaged, and Baccarin just gave birth to the couple’s first child, a baby girl, congrats! But things aren’t so rosy for their Gotham counterparts, James Gordon and Leslie Thompkins. Sure much like in real life they are engaged and Leslie is pregnant with Gordon’s child. But Baccarin warns that all the stress of James fighting the insane level of crime and criminals in Gotham will definitely test their relationship.

"The rest of the season does not bode well for them. Lee has been trying to be there for him and he’s got the impossible job of enforcing law in a lawless world, but she might be reaching her limit. It will get worse for them before it gets better."

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Baccarin says Leslie doesn’t go anywhere permanently, which implicates she might disappear for awhile, but not in a permanent manner. But it also sounds like the relationship between Leslie and Gordon on Gotham is going to be coming to an end. While it’s good that Baccarin is sticking around as Leslie Thompkins is a massively important character in Bruce Wayne’s life (which they have only just started to explore on the show), you have to wonder what effect that will have on Jim. I mean, he’s already on a pretty dark path, if he doesn’t have someone like Leslie around, how much deeper will he dig that hole? Will he go back to Barbara, even if she’s a psycho serial killer? Is that how the future Batgirl is born on Gotham? You’ll have to keep watching Monday nights on Fox to find out!

h/t TV Line