Batman v Superman: Designing The Batmobile


It took a long time to get from initial design to final product for the Batmobile in Batman v Superman

Batman’s ride of choice, the Batmobile is almost as iconic as the Dark Knight itself. And yet, with nearly every iteration of Batman, it goes through some pretty drastic changes, while still being recognized as the Batmobile. This is no different for the Caped Crusader’s latest cinematic adventure, Batman v Superman. The iconic Batmobile is sporting an all new look (although it could pass for a distant relative of the “Tumbler” from the Nolan Batman films). Batman v Superman Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos talked about what went into designing this latest version of the Batmobile:

"Well, it took 5 months actually to build 2 cars. That’s the actual build. Prior to the build, you have to design it, so you have to do the drafts and all those things. As soon as you have the chassis and wheels you have to start testing it. A funny little thing about the car is we couldn’t find tires. We looked everywhere, and there was no way we could find this exact size. We flew those tires in from Israel, and they’re meant for farming trucks. We shaved them and resculpted them and we adapted them to the car. The whole car can actually raise its back and will start to look like an offroad car. Trust me, there was a huge amount of engineering to get it to where it is now."

And you can see Tatopoulos talk about the Batmobile from Batman v Superman more in this video from DC All Access:

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Well, let’s hope all that work isn’t just for one movie, because we already know the Batmobile gets completely trashed by Superman in Batman v Superman. It may or may not show up in Justice League depending on what Batman is doing in that movie. And they may even redesign it again for a solo Batman film. Batman v Superman is in theaters March 25th.