Alfred Pennyworth TV Series In Development?


Could Alfred Pennyworth be getting his own starring role in a TV show?

Alfred Pennyworth has definitely led an interesting life. Most versions have had some sort of military career, and of course, the years spent raising Bruce Wayne and helping him become the protector of Gotham make for one heck of a story. But we already have that story through Bruce Wayne. Be it the movies, the comics, or even the TV show Gotham. Is Alfred Pennyworth’s story worth telling on it’s own on a TV show?

We may get that answer. According to DC Comics has registered the name Pennyworth, apparently for the purposes of a TV show. Could Bruce Wayne’s faithful servant be getting his own starring role? Is it a Gotham spin-off? Will Alfred’s daughter, Julia be in the show, possibly as the actual star? There’s a lot of possibilities here.

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It’s important to note that this is like 99% speculation. A trademark sometimes is registered just for the hell of it, and names of TV shows change all the time from initial concept to finished product. So the only real news is here that a registered trademark indicates DC might be thinking about developing a TV show that maybe involves Alfred Pennyworth somewhere down the line. If that is the case, I seriously it will be about the modern day adventures of Bruce Wayne’s butler when he’s not around. Having one based around his daughter Julia, who is a secret agent, seems fairly likely. A show based on Alfred’s early years is also a possibility, but I just don’t think people would be sold of the idea of a TV show that goes so far back in DC history that it has no elements of Batman whatsoever. Though I suppose that if they could make the show some sort of equivalent  of Agent Carter, that MIGHT work. We here at Caped Crusades will of course bring you updates on this story when there is more to tell, so stay tuned.