Gotham: Lori Petty Explains Her Role


Gotham guest star Lori Petty talks about her character on tonight’s episode

We are mere hours away from an all-new episode of Gotham, and tonight will be the debut of guest star Lori Petty. She plays a nightclub owner with a rather nasty side. Petty talked with Comic Book Resources about her role and how and why she gives info to young Bruce Wayne about the man who killed his parents:

"When you hear through the grapevine who to ask about something, people know that Jeri knows what is up. She’s been dealing with the underworld forever, enough to have a huge fanbase and have people she could [crowd]surf over. It’s like when game meets game. She’s a bad guy who knows where the bodies are buried. She literally knows where they are buried. She does that for Bruce Wayne; Jeri lets him know who killed his mom and dad.She realizes that once they get to talking, he’s not some little punk. He made it all the way down there and through these people. He wasn’t intimidated and held his own ground. Jeri could see this tough kid and respects that he’s a real person to deal with. He wasn’t just some silly boy."

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Petty mentions that her while he character has respect for Wayne, she has little to none for Jim Gordon, and because he’s in such a dark and angry place right now, it’s easy for her to get under his skin. She also clarifies that while the look of her character on Gotham as a cross-between Joker & Harley Quinn, the character has no relation to those two iconic Batman villains that she knows of. It also appears that this might be a one-time role, though Petty was clearly game for more if the writers want her back. Be sure to catch Lori Petty tonight on Gotham on Fox!