Modern Trailer Makes Batman & Robin Seem Watchable


Mashup master The Unusual Suspect makes Batman & Robin, the most disastrous comic book film of all time, look way better

Batman & Robin may not be the worst comic book movie ever made, but it’s arguably the biggest comic book movie disaster ever. Poisoning a previously very successful franchise and comic book movies in general. It’s the kind of film that usually kills careers. It’s actually kind of a miracle George Clooney survived to become an A-list star (though he still apologizes for it to this day), and most of the rest of the cast is still working pretty regularly. Even director Joel Schumacher has a steady workload. But it remains that Batman & Robin was an unmitigated disaster on virtually every level.

But with some clever editing, a good trailer can make even the worst movies look pretty cool, and that’s exactly what mashup trailer aficionado The Unusual Suspect has done with Batman & Robin by giving it a “modern” trailer. He essentially gives it a “Dark Knight” treatment, using music from that series of, convincing shots of the action, and even turning Mr. Freeze’s hacky dialogue into mostly ominous sounding voice over. See the surprisingly convincing results for yourself:

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If I didn’t know how bad Batman & Robin was, that trailer actually might convince me to give it  shot. But this also goes to show how important a trailer can be and in some cases how misleading they can be. I mean sure, trailers are meant to make you think a movie is awesome so you will pay to see it. But there’s a line between that and a trailer totally misrepresenting what the movie even is, which is sometimes what happens. Check out The Unusual Suspect’s YouTube channel for tons of other great movie mashups (especially the Lord Of The Rings/Suicide Squad one) and other fun videos!