Smell Like Batman With Denver Deodorants!


Don’t just be the Batman, smell like him too!

What does the essence of Batman smell like? Fear? Insanity? Really sweaty leather? Well Denver Deodorants apparently has the answer to that questions, and assumes you want to smell like him too!

This new Denver Batman smell actually comes in two distinct deodorants (and hey, Batman is a dual person kinda guy, so that works). ” Knight Warrior” & “Urban Legend”, you can check out pics of two below:

“Knight Warrior” claims to celebrate real men’s essence and is “perfectly designed who reconciles himself with his essence through a moment of personal intimacy and authentic freedom.” While “Urban Legend” “Aims at an ambitious young man who realizes his goals and strives for new challenges”.

Next: Batman v Superman

I don’t know if either of these accurately describe how Batman really smells or what Batman is really like, but it’s probably better to go with that description than have these be described as for “men who enjoy skulking across rooftops late at night and punching dudes”. For those wondering, yes Denver also has Superman scents, which sound equally incredulous, and you can see those here.

Granted, when it comes to bodily hygiene, I’m a really simple guy. I use regular stick deodorant (Old Spice, mainly because they employed Bruce Campbell as their spokesperson for awhile and Bruce Campbell is awesome). But I think even most hardcore Batman (or Superman for that matter) nerds wouldn’t be too interested in smelling like the “essence” of the Caped Crusader, and I can’t imagine a more casual person thinking this isn’t the dumbest thing ever. But hey, it seem right in line with the rest of Denver’s products, such as Beer Shampoo (no, really look at the site) and various overpriced colognes and aftershaves. You can find Denver products at various online retailers.

h/t Robot 6