Batman v Superman: His Wonderful Toys


A look at Batman’s tech in Batman v Superman

Batman can take down lots of guys with just his bare hands, but he’s also a guy known for having lots of cool toys at his disposal, especially for taking on somebody who would normally be out of his league.

This won’t be any different in Batman v Superman. DC All Access gives us a look at some of the gear Batman will be using in Batman v Superman. The prop designer for Batman v Superman, Douglas Harlocker, gives lots of insight into things such as how they decided to go with the specific design for the iconic batarangs in the film (skip ahead to 2:28 in the video to get right to that segment):

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Zak Snyder went with a more lethal version of the Batarang for Batman v Superman than fans are used to seeing, one Batman could potentially kill with. But it’s been well-established Batman’s had a harder edge to him lately, particularly after the events of Man Of Steel, so that’s not terribly surprising. I do like that more practical thought was applied to the design and use of the grapple gun than probably has ever been before.

What’s of particular interest is the “tech cowl” something that’s been apparently designed and iterated on by Alfred himself. While Batman uses a lot of tech, for the most part his cowl has remained a simple piece of cloth, this is really the first time it seems like any actual technology has been integrated into the cowl to make it more than just something to complete the costume and mask Batman’s identity. What other toys does Batman have ready for Batman v Superman? We’ll find out March 25th when it opens in theaters.