Batman v Superman: The Flash Cast Picks Sides


The cast of The Flash picks who would win in the epic battle of Batman v Superman

A lot of people have been asked who would win in a fight between Batman & Superman, but what about the stars of one of the many hit DC shows on TV right now? Well the cast of The Flash was asked whether they are Team Batman or Team Superman since Batman v Superman is out next Friday.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the cast of a show about a hero with superhuman abilities picks Superman, but Batman does have his defenders in Candice Patton, who plays Iris West on the show, and Keiynan Lonsdale, who plays Wally West. See the cast of The Flash tell you their pick for Batman v Superman and why in the clip below:

Well how would a different cast of a CW comic book show feel? Because the cast of iZombie (instead of you know, Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow) was also asked, and they were unanimous in their opinion:

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It’s definitely interesting to see a majority for Superman on the Flash and then iZombie unanimously declare they are team Batman on iZombie. I would guess these are the first couple of a series of videos where CW asks the stars of their comic-book based shows who would win in Batman v Superman (we will probably see ones from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow shortly), and we will post more as they air. But is it just comic book shows? Will they ask the cast of Supernatural? We will know if Jane The Virgin is Team Superman or Team Batman? I kinda want to know what side the cast of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is on. Batman v Superman opens in just 9 days in theaters on March 25th.