Batman v Superman: Lex Luthor Gives A Pep Talk


Lex Luthor tries to hype up Superman in his upcoming battle with Batman in this new clip from Batman v Superman

We already knew that Lex Luthor is manipulating things behind the scenes in Batman v Superman. I mean, he’s Lex Luthor, it’s what he does. But going to the point of giving Superman a kind of pep talk to hype him up before the fight? Well he apparently does that too.

In this clip below from yesterday’s Good Morning America, Lex Luthor almost sounds like a fight promoter, saying things to Superman we’ve heard in previous trailers like “The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world” directly to Superman. The clip also has the segments from Good Morning America featuring both Jesse Eisenberg & Henry Cavill talking about Batman v Superman. Check it out below:

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Ok, I really hope the thing we aren’t seeing in this clip is the only reason Superman is even giving Lex Luthor the time of day is that Luthor has something on him. I mean, odds are Lex is giving a similar speech to Batman somewhere in the film, but they’ve at least explained Batman thinks Superman is just too dangerous and actually might be desperate enough to work with Luthor to get an edge on him. There’s no such logic behind Superman listening to Luthor’s pure lunacy in that clip. I mean, Superman is supposed to at least feel incredibly bad about all the death and destruction from Man of Steel at this point. Bottom line, if they have a good context for the scene, I’m all for it, but if it literally is just Superman listening to Lex Luthor telling him he needs to kill Batman, it just doesn’t make any sense. We’ll find out if that’s the case when Batman v Superman opens in theaters in just 9 days.