Batman v Superman: Lex Luthor Is A Megalomaniac


Jesse Eisenberg gives his thoughts on Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman and more

We will get to see Jesse Eisenberg as the latest incarnation of Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman in just a few days. Though Luthor is clearly a bad guy, a lot of the best villains actually don’t see themselves as bad guys. They are the heroes of their own story. Does Jesse Eisenberg think Lex Luthor is a bad guy?

"My character is a megalomaniacal, narcissistic guy who thinks he’s saving humanity by destroying Superman – who he views as an alien invader who’s here to wreak havoc at will. Yes, claims to sometimes do good but actually he poses more of a threat because he has more power than anyone. I think of myself as the savior of humanity."

So I would say yes. Eisenberg definitely describes Luthor as thinking he is in the right (and alarmingly close to what Batman seems to think of Superman in the film), but he’s clearly just crazy. This is just one excerpt from a fairly lengthy interview, where oddly enough Jesse Eisenberg has not seen Batman v Superman just yet, but the interviewer has (and though she refuses to call Luthor a villain, Eisenberg straight up calls him one). Check out the full interview below, where Jesse Eisenberg talks about his character and filming the movie and other topics:

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Jesse Eisenberg actually does a great job of coming across as a guy who really got into his character and knows the in and outs and whys of the movie, which some actors don’t bother with. The buzz is that Lex Luthor (along with Batman) is one of the highlights of Batman v Superman, so we’ll find out if that is indeed true in just 9 more days.

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