Extraordinary X-Men #8 Review: Apocalypse Wars Part 1


The Extraordinary X-Men kick off the Apocalypse Wars event in style with a surprising new group of Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Extraordinary X-Men #8
Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Humberto Ramos and Victor Ibanez
Colored by Edgar Delgado and Sotocolor
Published by Marvel Comics

With Apocalypse taking center stage in this summer’s latest X-Men film, you would think having him show his face in the X-Men books would be a given. However, considering the tense relationship between Marvel and 20th Century Fox (see: Fantastic Four) the fact that there is a major X-Men event centered around the character is downright shocking.

Extraordinary X-Men #8 launches the “Apocalypse Wars” with a great story that not only sets events in motion but has a last page that will have every X-Men fan and their brother talking.

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The story sees the Extraordinary X-Men hurtled a thousand years into the future to rescue a group of students led by Colossus. There they find that mutants are still an endangered species as well as discovering that something has happened to their friend Piotr Rasputin that could mean disaster for the present.


One of the things I have loved about Extraordinary X-Men from the first issue on is that reading it takes me back to that same place as when Chris Claremont wrote the characters. It has a very familiar vibe and feeling that makes me think of Uncanny X-Men and the hours I spent laying on the floor as a kid reading those comics.

Nowhere is this more evident that the opening sequence featuring Storm and Logan. The easy dialogue, the way the characters related to one another, it all felt so… right. It’s a feeling that has been missing from the books for a very long time and I am ecstatic to see it has returned.

But the meat of the story is where Extraordinary X-Men #8 really shines. After a pair of issues that were a bit of a letdown, Jeff Lemire is once again firing on all cylinders. With the exception of using one of the lamest X-Men villains ever in the Sugar Man (Seriously, he sucks) the book is just one awesome page after another.

And speaking of pages, wait until you get to that last one and meet the latest iteration of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. Colossus makes a certain amount of sense, as does Deadpool in a very weird way. But Venom? And Moon Knight? Did NOT see that coming.

Artistically, Extraordinary X-Men #8 sees the return of the much-missed Humberto Ramos and it would seem the time away did him some good. Visually the issue is just stunning, with the designs for the new Horsemen stealing the show. Also, he actually managed to make the Sugar Man (He still sucks) kinda scary, which is almost impossible.

In addition to all of that, you also get the first chapter of a backup story featuring Magik and her new protege Sapna going to talk with Doctor Strange. While the story by Lemire is good, the art by Victor Ibanez is just as bland as it was the previous two issues. Fine for backup material, but not much else.

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The Bottom Line: Extraordinary X-Men #8 is a return to form for a series that had been slipping a bit the last couple of months, A tight story by Lemire with great, kinetic artwork by Ramos make for a perfect way to start the “Apocalypse Wars” event. I look forward to seeing where things go from here.