Tons Of New Batman v Superman Footage


New clips from Batman v Superman and behind the scenes footage!

What’s that? You feel like even though the trailers revealed so much already, you want to see even more footage from Batman v Superman? Well lucky you, we have a whopping six new clips combined into one video for you!

Granted, some of the Batman v Superman footage and dialogue in these clips isn’t really new. You have Alfred and Bruce Wayne arguing over going up against Superman, Lex’s ridiculous speech (Black vs. blue, day vs. night, etc.) which he is giving to Superman of all people, a little more of that tense talk between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne.

But there is some new footage of Lois Lane investigating a mysterious bullet that obviously ties into the overall plot somehow, Bruce confronting Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) about stealing something, and some behind the scenes footage as well (which is a separate clip from the 6 movie clips), enjoy:

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So I’ve talked about the Lex Luthor and Superman clip before, I think it’s really awful with bad clunky dialogue that at least right now, makes absolutely no sense. However, I think the 5 other clips I saw came across pretty well, so that gives me a little more hope that I might actually enjoy this movie. And as much as I joke about everything already being shown, in truth we’ve seen maybe 10 minutes total of a movie that is just over two and a half hours long, so there is still plenty of mystery left in Batman v Superman as to what fills in those remaining two hours and twenty or so minutes and how it all ties together plus how it leads into Justice League: Part One.  Batman v Superman opens in just eight days in theaters everywhere March 25th.

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