Gotham: Clayface Cast


Clayface is coming to Gotham!

We had heard awhile ago that Clayface would be coming to Gotham, but now we also know who will be playing him, and which version we will get.

Brian McManamon will be playing Basil Karlo, who was the original version of Clayface, on Gotham. Karlo does not start out with any powers, he is a B-movie actor who takes revenge on the cast of a horror film remake he starred in the original of and was not cast in the new version. He disguises himself as “Clayface”, the villain of the movie. This is most likely what his initial appearance in Gotham, with no crazy shape-shifting powers involved. We don’t know exactly when Clayface will be appearing on Gotham, but he was originally mentioned as a villain appearing in season 2, so it can’t be too far off.

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Of course, that would only be the initial appearance. There’s Indian Hill, where villains go to get brought back to life and possibly gain enhanced abilities, and it’s already been mentioned that Mr. Freeze officially opened the door for full on super-villains in Gotham. Clayface will just be one of the first of a wave. So it’s likely, especially with this being the Basil Karlo incarnation, that he will start out just as his original story. Just a dude in a disguise getting petty revenge on people. But then maybe an accident happens. something terrible, and he gets carted off to Indian Hill, where he somehow gets the ability to shapeshift due to experiments performed on him. Will we ever see the actual grotesque physical manifestation of Clayface on Gotham? That honestly seems unlikely. But just someone who can take the shape of another person? That certainly seems more in the realm of possibility. Watch Gotham on Fox on Mondays to find out!